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Istruzioni d'uso per navigare nela pagina webThe web site is structured in such way as to research restaurants through various channels such as the gender of food, the time table, the part of the city where it is…. We remind you that the base of this criteria for the creation of this selection is the relationship between price and quality that each restaurant has: let’s consider that a good food must be based on the ground of good quality row materials and on its good preparation … enjoy your meal!

Google and Tripadvisor reviews

Recensioni dei ristoranti di ValenciaAlthough our personal policy about reviews excludes them, we think that the eaters’ opinions are the most important regarding the focused places.

For this reason we invite you to add a comment on our work about the selection of restaurants in Valencia.



home page welcomeBoth of these cases: you are here in this website because you researched or because you found it by chance, you should know that this is a project set up in phases; for this reason it will improve as regards the services offered, the graphics and the offer of new collaborative issues. This is why we invite you to follow us now and then.

A “click” offers you a selection of restaurants that respect price/quality relationship within the large culinary range in Valencia, the capital of the Valencian community/region.

We are a group of young minds convinced that the web is useful to offer a good guide, easy to consult and different than usual ones. For this reason the intention wasn’t to create another website to collect opinions of different restaurant, but to prorate a limited number of places that we consider to be perfect options of the local gastronomic area.